Cork, Street Photography, April 2017

Cork, Street photography, April 2017

Some street scenes in these “back-to-winter days” of late April, again in Cork.

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Cork, St. Patrick street, Sunday’s shopping

St.Patrick street, Cork, March 2017

St. Patrick street, Cork, March 2017. During a Sunday afternoon I was walking my camera for catching some nice images of street photography: people strolling, shoppers, bikers and runners. Even if Cork is a small city, this does not mean that  street photographers and portrait-makers, we will be devoid of the chance to capture some […]

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Dublin, Street, winter 2013

Street in Dublin, January 2013

Winter tales in Dublin A winter story in the “fair city”: a man with his cigarette, what before it is done, under a roof, during a rainy Sunday afternoon… Taken during the black and white street photography’s Photo-walk meet-up.

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