My photography activity started in 1980 (at age of 10) when my dad gave me as a gift a film Camera named “Ferrania”, an italian brand that I owned until 1986.  My dad, also, taught me how to develop and print in a darkroom black and white photos. After that, I had a kind of break but my passion was still there, just “resting” for a while…but it came back again in 1993. My dad unfortunately died in 1992 (he was a great photographer, thanks to him I have this passion), and the here after I decided to start to use some of his equipment and I got his reflex, a Zenith, with some lens (screw mount). I approached reflex world just in that years. (I am sure my dad would have been proud of that;)).
When the digital world came alive, I decided to buy my first compact digital camera in 2000, one of the first ones launched on the market: an Epso (even though my film camera activity was still alive and kicking: I bought in 2002 a used camera, a “Fujica” stn 605 that I still use those days). Those were the years that I started to develop and print black and white photos in my own darkroom.
My first Digital SLR has been a Canon 350 D, with a kit lense, in 2009. A gift from a friend photographer, Luca. Once this camera “died”, I bought a Canon 60D that is my main camera now. Along with this, I am equipped with 3 lenses: a 70-200 mm f/2.8 canon, a 50 mm f/1.8 and a Zoom Tamron 17-50 f/2.8. I have also a Nissin Flash 866 mark II  and a Manfrotto tripod .



My main ideas are focused on people, portraits and reportages. In this latter field, I love urban and city landscapes, especially the abandoned areas of a city and the related ruined buildings. I love to portrait what is beautiful and what is consired, oppositely, ugly or not appealing: everything has a charme.
I love black and white photography in the same way of a image full of vivid colours. I don’t have a preference about a particular photographer: I like what is good for my eye…different photographs from different artists. That is what makes sense to me.
I am not a lot into natural landscapes photography but I love to admire the beauty of an awesome landscape immortalized in a frame. And maybe I could try to do some landscapes, in the future. But, oppositely, I am doing urban landscape photography when I can.
Lately this year, I focused my activity on studio photography, for my first time: I am really a beginner in this field, and I am still learning.
I Keep myself always open to critics, comments and tips from both professional and amateurs. But please, be precise on your critic: I want to improve. By the way, I am not a pro myself as well. I am in costant apprentice!!!

Thanks for having time to read my stories…and now I hope you enjoy my images!

studio portrait, Ania Liverpool