The St. Patrick’s day Parade in Cork: a gallery of colors

A Parade of colors Despite the intense cold of a non-typical “end of winter”, last Saturday  many people went to enjoy the Parade  in the city Center of Cork. The masks, the costumes, the colors and, above all, the joy made the party memorable. I did not regret, therefore, that I made the decision to […]

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Greenwich village, New York, 2011

New York, Greenwich Village

Taken in Greenwich Village, in a hot summer day of July.

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Cork, Street photography: inspired by Martin Parr. November 2016

Cork, street photography meetup, November 2016

A friend of mine has set up a meetup between us, amateur photographers, to take pictures according to “Martin Parr” style. Not an easy task trying to imitate that famous british photographer, but the weather was so cool and allowed to take such shots. Parr is famous to use bright and saturated colours, and his […]

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Memory of my first photo-walk, Dublin, 2012

It was the 3rd of March 2012. Exactly 4 years ago I did my first photo-walk meetup, and exactly after 4 years I decided to remember that day with this series of pics taken during the meet-up. . . . I really have to say that i miss Photo-Walks and the group of amazing people…let alone […]

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