Cork and the “Beast from the East”: a reportage

this little friend watching the lake frozen

 THE ‘BEAST FROM THE EAST’ The “Beast from the east”, that is how we dubbed this polar air front, has also passed over Cork. It has  ended its “race” on Saturday afternoon (3/3/2018) . Actually,  it hit all the country, with heavy snow and temperature dropped to -15 C in some part of Ireland… It […]

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Liverpool, docks, 2009

Liverpool, Harbor, 2009

In 2009, in autumn, i went for a trip in Northern Uk: Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was particularly lucky during my visit to Liverpool, due to the amazingly nice weather. I made a stroll in the docks,  and  I noticed this couple sitting on a bench and I decided to took the […]

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Abandoned mental hospital, Milan, Italy

"Societa di merda" ("shit society") on the wall of one of the many buildings of the hospital, Mombello, Milan

This is about a trip to an abandoned asylum located in northern Italy. I left this place with the sensation to have visited another dimension for a while…the feelings were a mix of curiosity and inquietude. I can’t say any other comment about it apart this. The hospital was closed in 1978 due to a new […]

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Sitting on the steps of a church – London, St. Paul

London, St.Paul cathedral

I was sitting on the steps of the St.Paul cathedral in London Town in a sunny day. That what happens when a photographer is in such a situation with his camera in the hands.  

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Wilton, Cork

Wilton, Cork City, Ireland

A Corner of Wilton, in the western suburbs of Cork City, Ireland.  

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