China, 2012. Street shots – 1st part

Chong Qing, China, strolling around, 2012

I have taken many shots during my China holidays in 2012 and sometimes I believe it is a pity not to show them in the internet. Especially because I went to a place like ChongQuing that it is quite out of the main touristic stream (not to be compared with Hong Kong or ShanGai), and […]

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Liverpool, docks, 2009

Liverpool, Harbor, 2009

In 2009, in autumn, i went for a trip in Northern Uk: Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was particularly lucky during my visit to Liverpool, due to the amazingly nice weather. I made a stroll in the docks,  and  I noticed this couple sitting on a bench and I decided to took the […]

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Find your way – Cork, “Skateboard” Street photography, July 2017

Skating in Cork, July 2017

A short stroll around the city center of Cork, and bump into this great guy that, with his friend, is trying to have some fun with his skateboard. I asked if I could take the pic and that is one of the results.  He “found his way to be a skater”, as Red hot chili […]

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“Shadows”. Inspire yourself with online contests

Few pigeons and 2 human beings together created this ensemble of shadows. Dublin, 2012

I entitled this post “Shadows“, the same name of a kind of contest raised by the website “Street photography International” on Instagram (here their page too). I actually must  say in advance that I am kinda new on Instagram (shortly, I will add my account in my website here so you can view my work […]

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If only I could speak, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

"If only i could speak", Tokyo, Japan, May 2017

If only I  could speak… “Told” me this little dog with his eyes,  while I was strolling around the area of Ebisu, in Tokyo, Japan,  last May.  The area of Ebisu is a calm part of the city that is located south west of the city centre. It is relaxing enough to walk around with […]

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