If only I could speak, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

If only I  could speak…
“Told” me this little dog with his eyes,  while I was strolling around the area of Ebisu, in Tokyo, Japan,  last May.  The area of Ebisu is a calm part of the city that is located south west of the city centre. It is relaxing enough to walk around with a camera, or sitting down on a bench in the nearby park.  The atmosphere was deep far away from the crazy crowd of other districts of the city like Shibuya, or Harachuko. I went to Ebisu actually to visit the Museum of Photography.  After the visit, I passed by a little park close to some shops where i saw this little cute guy. . . I could not resist and that’s it. Here he is.  It was May 2017.

"If only i could speak", Tokyo, Japan, May 2017

“If only i could speak”, Tokyo, Japan, May 2017

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