The St. Patrick’s day Parade in Cork: a gallery of colors

A Parade of colors Despite the intense cold of a non-typical “end of winter”, last Saturday  many people went to enjoy the Parade  in the city Center of Cork. The masks, the costumes, the colors and, above all, the joy made the party memorable. I did not regret, therefore, that I made the decision to […]

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If only I could speak, Tokyo, Japan, 2017

"If only i could speak", Tokyo, Japan, May 2017

If only I  could speak… “Told” me this little dog with his eyes,  while I was strolling around the area of Ebisu, in Tokyo, Japan,  last May.  The area of Ebisu is a calm part of the city that is located south west of the city centre. It is relaxing enough to walk around with […]

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Leon Bridges live, Olympia theatre, Dublin (25/09/2015)

After long time,here I am , back to photograph a live concert: thanks to a friend’s idea and gift, I went to see to the Leon Bridges ‘s gig at Olympia theatre in Dame Street, Dublin. I really liked the concert, not only for the music itself, but also for the atmosphere created by all the band, […]

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