China, 2012. Street shots – 1st part

Chong Qing, China, strolling around, 2012

I have taken many shots during my China holidays in 2012 and sometimes I believe it is a pity not to show them in the internet. Especially because I went to a place like ChongQuing that it is quite out of the main touristic stream (not to be compared with Hong Kong or ShanGai), and […]

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Chongqing, China, 2012

China, Chongqing, 2012, street work

Taken during my journey to China in the city of Chongqing in 2012. This man was carrying a load and he turned to me just in the exact moment. Chongqing is a constant-expanding new “rural metropolis” located just south of the centre of China. It is crossed by the Yangtze river.

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Street pictures added in the related gallery

Hello e.b. I finally “filled” the empty photogallery of my street pictures, with some mixed images: one from Spain taken last week during my short break to Andalucia, and the others from a journey made in 2012 to China where I did a photo reportage in the city of Chong Qing. Here one of those […]

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