Backstreet, “Liberties”, Dublin, 2012

Backstreet close to Thomas Street, Dublin, 2012

A hidden corner in the “Liberties” area of Dublin, 2012. See also this post about Dublin streets

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“Shadows”. Inspire yourself with online contests

Few pigeons and 2 human beings together created this ensemble of shadows. Dublin, 2012

I entitled this post “Shadows“, the same name of a kind of contest raised by the website “Street photography International” on Instagram (here their page too). I actually must  say in advance that I am kinda new on Instagram (shortly, I will add my account in my website here so you can view my work […]

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Dublin, Street, winter 2013

Street in Dublin, January 2013

Winter tales in Dublin A winter story in the “fair city”: a man with his cigarette, what before it is done, under a roof, during a rainy Sunday afternoon… Taken during the black and white street photography’s Photo-walk meet-up.

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Dublin, Street, 2012: the sunset in Dame Street

Dublin, City Centre, 2012, October

Street photography in Dublin, Dame street during an autumn day of 2012: passers-by walking along the city center

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Cork and Dublin, Easter rising celebration and parade (March/April 2016)

Here some shots in Cork (28/3/2016) and in Dublin (24/4/2016), both events celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the Easter rising of 1916. p.s. I focused the attention more on portraits than on the other situations.  

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