Streets of Barcelona

Barcelona, Raval, 2017, September

An image taken in the streets of Barcelona, in “El barrio del Raval“, one of the most peculiar and rough areas of the city center, with its mix of tourists and local dwellers See also CHINA, 2012. STREET SHOTS – 1ST PART

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China, 2012. Street shots – 1st part

Chong Qing, China, strolling around, 2012

I have taken many shots during my China holidays in 2012 and sometimes I believe it is a pity not to show them in the internet. Especially because I went to a place like ChongQuing that it is quite out of the main touristic stream (not to be compared with Hong Kong or ShanGai), and […]

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Greenwich village, New York, 2011

New York, Greenwich Village

Taken in Greenwich Village, in a hot summer day of July.

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Kusadasi, Turkey, 2013

Kusadasi, Turkey, 2013, Summer on the beach

Strolling down the beach in Kusadasi I saw this family and I decided that they could have been one of my photos: it was the summer of 2013, my first time in Turkey. It was just a little before the sunset. Kusadasi is in the west cost of Turkey, not far from the city of Smirne.

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