Cork – Supporters after the final, 15th July 2018

Supporters after the final, Cork, 15th July 2018

Supporters for the sport 2 supporters caught after the final. We are in Gran Parade, Cork city, Ireland, Sunday 15th of July 2018.

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Cork, “That look”, September 2017

"That Look", Cork, September 2017

“That look”, September 2017. I was joining a meetup by the Cork Street Photography group where the theme, today, was the colors of the streets. I was attracted by the colours of the hair of this subject, so I decided to take the pic, that has also the plus of the spontaneous look. Read also […]

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Streets of Barcelona

Barcelona, Raval, 2017, September

An image taken in the streets of Barcelona, in “El barrio del Raval“, one of the most peculiar and rough areas of the city center, with its mix of tourists and local dwellers See also CHINA, 2012. STREET SHOTS – 1ST PART

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Find your way – Cork, “Skateboard” Street photography, July 2017

Skating in Cork, July 2017

A short stroll around the city center of Cork, and bump into this great guy that, with his friend, is trying to have some fun with his skateboard. I asked if I could take the pic and that is one of the results.  He “found his way to be a skater”, as Red hot chili […]

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Greenwich village, New York, 2011

New York, Greenwich Village

Taken in Greenwich Village, in a hot summer day of July.

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