London, Camden, December 2017

London, Camden, 2017

One of my favorite places to take street photos, the Camden street market in London. See also London, 2016

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Liverpool, docks, 2009

Liverpool, Harbor, 2009

In 2009, in autumn, i went for a trip in Northern Uk: Liverpool, York, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Glasgow. I was particularly lucky during my visit to Liverpool, due to the amazingly nice weather. I made a stroll in the docks,  and  I noticed this couple sitting on a bench and I decided to took the […]

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London, 2016 – Wandering around Camden Market

Streets of London, October 2016

Got these during a trip to London last October 2016.

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Sitting on the steps of a church – London, St. Paul

London, St.Paul cathedral

I was sitting on the steps of the St.Paul cathedral in London Town in a sunny day. That what happens when a photographer is in such a situation with his camera in the hands.  

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Manchester, 2012, more street

Manchester: a portrait of a (photogenic) street-friendly city I have done 3 trips to this interesting and underrated northern british city, and i always enjoyed taking pictures there. I am not saying that the city is particularly attractive for tourists, but if you love taking portraits in the streets and appreciated a vibrant urban trend […]

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