The St. Patrick’s day Parade in Cork: a gallery of colors

A Parade of colors Despite the intense cold of a non-typical “end of winter”, last Saturday  many people went to enjoy the Parade  in the city Center of Cork. The masks, the costumes, the colors and, above all, the joy made the party memorable. I did not regret, therefore, that I made the decision to […]

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London, Camden, December 2017

London, Camden, 2017

One of my favorite places to take street photos, the Camden street market in London. See also London, 2016

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Dublin, Street, winter 2013

Street in Dublin, January 2013

Winter tales in Dublin A winter story in the “fair city”: a man with his cigarette, what before it is done, under a roof, during a rainy Sunday afternoon… Taken during the black and white street photography’s Photo-walk meet-up.

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Geese flying – Cork, Lee fields

Cork, Geese, Lee fields

I took this image of flying geese during a walking photo tour with my reflex along the river Lee, close to the place named “Lee Fields”.  There is also a nice path to follow all the way where you can encounter some herons or other species.

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Abandoned mental hospital, Milan, Italy

"Societa di merda" ("shit society") on the wall of one of the many buildings of the hospital, Mombello, Milan

This is about a trip to an abandoned asylum located in northern Italy. I left this place with the sensation to have visited another dimension for a while…the feelings were a mix of curiosity and inquietude. I can’t say any other comment about it apart this. The hospital was closed in 1978 due to a new […]

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